6 Solutions to Trim the Rendering Budget without Cutting Stunning Effect

Gepubliceerd op 30 juli 2020 om 06:06

3D rendering  is in wide use in the world of architecture and designing, because of it as the most persuasive way for presentation and marketing. It provides a fully immersive and convincing reality, which makes viewers feel as if the building already existed. It bridges the gap between blueprint and reality as well as helps architects and designers visualize future ideas and designs for the marketplace.

However, it's hard for architects and designers to avoid cash-flow problems, especially when you're dealing with an investment project whose income will arrive only after its approval. Therefore, you may need some ways to reduce the cost of 3D renderings.



1. Do More Before Visualization

There's a lot of workload in the process from design to visualization, such as drawing, calculation and so on. If you could do more work during this process, the less work done by your CG company. Although it will take you time, the cost of 3D rendering service reduced naturally.  

2. Utilize Pre-existing Libraries of 3D Models

When cooperating with your CG company, you have the right to choose whether the materials of your project is modeled from scratch or borrowed from a 3D library. Sometimes, it's not necessary to invest money in modeling new décor or interior accessories. It's a good choice to pick up the furnishing from the library rather than modeling it, which can greatly optimize your budget. AIMIR has a resourceful library of models where you can find the objects that meet your requirements and helps you reduce your cost.



3. Reduce the Number of Revisions

With a limited budget, reducing the number of modifications is quite a useful way to save money. Some of our clients repeatedly change the renderings after delivering the final images, it would cost extra money. If the time allows, try to give feedback as detailed as possible and make corrections only when the change really affects the product after sending the final images.

4. Offer a Ready 3D Model

Providing a ready-to-use model can help to reduce the cost. If the model is unfinished and unclear, 3d artist has to re-model the design for you and that is the potential cost. AIMIR can offer a certain discount for you if you could provide the 3D model that can directly use. Please feel welcome to inquire about the detail information.



5. Save Money on Surrounding

In exterior 3D rendering projects, some clients may want to increase the realness by modeling the surroundings exactly. However, this is not the only solution. AIMIR offers several options to deal with the background, using simple white boxes and 3D compositing with site photographs is the most common use way and they won't generate extra cost.  



6. Have Multiple 3D Projects Done

It is available only if you have multiple designs to present. You can order multiple 3d rendering services instead of one. As a result, the 3D rendering company you work with will consider a discount to leave the way open for future cooperation.

If you are facing the problem we discussed above, try to use these tips to minimize the cost and win the approval of the project. Welcome to contact Furniture visualization if you need more affordable and perfect renderings!  


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